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This document serves to delineate the policies and guidelines governing participants in the Academy. Prior to enrolling in any program, please carefully read and comprehend the policies herein.

Document Scope

This policy handbook applies to all students enrolled in the Academy, whether in the live boot camp, self-paced annual course, or self-paced monthly subscription program.

Document Definitions

Term Meaning
Live Enrollees in the 6-week live boot camp enjoy the following privileges:
• Exclusive access to the EcZachly Boot Camp community.
• Dedicated support for homework assignments.
• Customized feedback and evaluations on homework from seasoned data engineers.
• Admission to Data/AI leader speaker sessions, career Q&A, homework aid, and supplementary sessions.
• Eligibility for certifications, LinkedIn endorsements, and enrollment in the mentorship initiative.
Self-Paced (1 year) The self-paced annual subscription encompasses:
• Accessibility to identical educational content, code/materials, and homework assignments.
• Limited assistance for homework and review* (exceptions apply).
• Inclusion in Data/AI leader speaker sessions.
• Membership in the Discord community.

Dissimilarities from the live boot camp: • Absence of live lecture/lab sessions. • Lack of certification option. • Content delivery with a one-week delay. • Lower cost. | | Self-Paced (Monthly) | The self-paced monthly subscription provides access to the same educational materials and content as the annual self-paced subscription and live boot camp.

Dissimilarities from the annual self-paced subscription and live boot camp: • Exclusion from the Discord community. • Ineligibility for supplementary sessions (guest speakers, career Q&A, etc.). |

Policy Handbook


Please note that these prerequisites will not undergo formal verification. It is highly recommended that individuals possess a fundamental grasp of these tools and technologies to optimize their learning experience. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure their familiarity with these concepts, as course content will not be modified to accommodate those unprepared.

Prerequisites for All Tracks:

Analytics Track Prerequisites:

Infrastructure Track Prerequisites:


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The refund policy for the boot camp is as follows: